PASSPORT TN Size | Undated Horizontal Week on 2 Page Collaboration Printable Insert ©

PASSPORT TN Size | Undated Horizontal Week on 2 Page Collaboration Printable Insert ©

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A beautiful collaboration to match the Two Lil Bees Live Simply Kit! 

* Insert is an undated horizontal week on 2 page insert!

* Two varying pages with different artwork throughout the insert. 

* Use this insert for various purposes or general planning! 

Bow graphics hand drawn by Happie Scrappie.

Additional graphics by :


* Format: PDF; 12 pages total, 6 pages printed. Must have Adobe PDF to print. (You can download Acrobat Reader FREE from

* Printing: Use "actual size" setting on your printer and make sure to download file to your computer. Make sure to NOT fit to page when printing or the size will not be correct. The pages are formatted to print double sided/duplex printing. Print all odd pages first, flip and print even pages behind odd pages. Fold pages with odd pages as the outside cover. For more assistance, please feel free to contact me!

* File includes cut lines to assist in trimming down inserts to appropriate pocket/field notes size.


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