4/15/19: TPS March Bundle A6 TN Size - Right pages were revised to grid. They still had a weekly layout instead of grid. 

4/19/19: JeshyPark Weekly Pocket Rings Size - Extra star bullet point on pages. 2nd edit: Made a 1.5 inch column.

4/27/19: Academic Monthly Calendar Personal Wide Rings - January 2019 changed to January 2020.

6/18/19: SeeAmyDraw Vertical Weekly Passport TN - Sundays adjusted so that it fits in the box. 

7/1/19: Limited Edition March TPS Bundle B6 Rings - Weekly view adjusted so it's a full grid page

7/9/19: Personal Wide Rings Weekly/Grid Fold Over Bundle - Page 15 had a slight color adjustment on the Monday box.



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